1. Electric Service Providers

2. Telephone Service

3. Speed Limits

4. City Election System

5. Cable TV Service

6. ETJ Extension

7. Electric Tarrif Increase Denial

8. Zoning

10. City Office Appointments

11. Development Requirements

12. Denial of TXU Rate Increase

13. Annex 50 Acres

14. Plumbing and Electrical Codes

15. Planning and Zoning Commission

16. Sales Tax Election

17. Subdivision Requirements

18 Proposed Territorial Annexation

19. Abandoned Vehicles

20. Construction Code Compliance

21. Transport of Building Structures

22. Subdivision Regulation Requirements

23. Vehicle Storage on Public Streets

24. Construction and Development Amendments

25. Annual Budget

26. Development and Construction Amendments

27. Rezoning of Highland Drive at FM-5

28. Trash Collection Franchise

29. Repeal of Taxation of Telecommunications Services

30. Vehicle Size and Weight Limit

31. Parade Regulation

32. Amended SW Bell

33. Utility Rate Schedule Approval

34. Amendment of Trash Ordinance

35. Records Management

36. PUC Jurisdiction Over Utility Rates

37. Telephone Utility Construction

38. Electric Utility Franchise Amendment

39. Amended Telephone Ordinance

40. Abolishment of Office of Marshal

41. Election of Unopposed Candidates

42. ETJ of Annexation of River Creek

43. Annexation

44. Ordinance Enforcement

45. Building Permits

46. Law Enforcement

47. Waste Management Collection

48. Election

50. Municipal Right of Way

51. Flood Damage Prevention

52. City Secretary

53. Election Cancellation May 2006

53.2. Annexation

54. Ordinance Amendment

54.2. Oncor Amendment

55. Election Cancellation May 2003

56. Secretary PIC

57. Election Cancellation May 2006

58. Plat Filing Fees

59. Oil and Gas

60. National Incident Management System

61. Junk Car Ordinance

62. National Incident Management System

63. Water Conservation and Drought Contingency

64. Election Cancellation May 2008

65. Building Code

66. Flood Damage Prevention

67. Noise Nuisance

68. Election Cancellation May 2011

69. Type A Municipality

70. Name Change

71. Subdivision Ordinance

72. Boundary Agreement


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For copies of the exact ordinances as passed by the Council of the City of Annetta South, please contact the City Secretary of Annetta South by calling 682-352-5442, emailing cityofannettasouth@gmail.com or filling out the Contact Us form.


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